Kicking it up a notch with Reebok and Famous Footwear

Reebok recently came to WP for quick turnaround help approaching Famous Footwear buyers with an exclusive line of footwear for every day use.


Aimed primarily at women with distinct style and value demands, our main assignment was to assist in overcoming a perception that “Reebok doesn’t get the Famous Footwear consumer.”

Our final delivery included consumer overview, story lines, name conventions, packaging, and graphics pulled together into a presentation that underscored some key product attributes, as well as the strengths of both Famous Footwear and Reebok.


Naming conventions, for example, were explored with the versatility, value, and style of Reebok shoes at the forefront. Brand stories were created with the product’s ideal customer in mind: young, vibrant, professional women with active and diverse lifestyles. And from there, packaging, in-store displays, and other advertising elements were devised, to reflect a fashionable and aspirational tone.