Working the Plank

We’ve been incorporating little moments of fitness into our days more often here at Winstanley Partners … I can’t say we’re all ready for a marathon yet, but a game of KanJam here, a morning walk there… the steps are adding up.

A few of us decided to focus on strength training recently, taking on the plank challenge. The plank (also called a front hold, hover, or abdominal bridge) is an isometric core strength exercise that involves maintaining a position similar to a push-up for the maximum possible time. It’s not to be confused with planking, which was an internet fad a few years ago, and considerably less effective when it comes to toning tummies.

According to John Sifferman of, the following are some good guidelines for how long to aim for when performing a plank:

  • Newbie: 30+ seconds
  • Beginner: 1+ minute
  • Intermediate: 3+ minutes
  • Advanced: 5+ minutes
  • Expert: 10+ minutes
  • Master: 20+ minutes
  • Wicked Sick: 30+ minutes
  • Superhuman: 40+ minutes
  • Olympian: 50+ minutes
  • Plank Immortal: 1 hour or longer

That’s good news, because our internal plank group — with at least one newbie in the bunch — held for at least 60 seconds each, with our Interactive Director Holly topping the times with three minutes.

Work-site exercise and health programs are widely believed to be a way to keep employees healthy, thereby increasing a company’s productivity while controlling health insurance costs…we know this and we’re not exactly the most sedentary group of marketeers in the world to begin with. Plus …come on. This is really fun.

Benefits of The Plank

1. A Toned Belly
2. Reduced Back Pain
3. Flexibility
4. Improved Mood
5. Improved Balance and Posture

Benefits of Group Exercise Classes

1. Gain Motivation
2. Increase Your Energy
3. Feel Less Intimidated
4. Socialize with Others
5. Meet Scheduling Demands