The BHS 403B…You Should Get It Looked At.

Doctors and nurses who once graced the covers of pulp fiction novels from the sixties have reappeared in Berkshire County, as part of a narrowly targeted campaign developed for Berkshire Money Management.

WPlaunched a cohesive program in August to educate Berkshire Healthcare Systems employees of their “right to hire outside management” for their 403B retirement funds.

The promotion was designed to be educational, letting BHS employees know that there are options available for retirement fund management, but also eye-catching with retro imagery and a soap opera slant. 

Illustrations were inspired by dime store paperbacks with titles like Susan Lattimer, Clinic Nurse and Doctor on Trial. Then, some taglines with appropriate levels of intrigue were added. Soon, these throwback healthcare professionals started popping up everywhere: on billboards, via direct mail pieces and emails, and through ongoing events that included a food truck breakfast and lunch and sponsored happy hours, promoted by a cadre of sandwich-board wearing young folks. Coupon incentives for food truck nosh and cocktail hour appetizers sweetened the deal, but also provided another avenue to track engagement. 

They told us to forget it…but we couldn’t leave it alone.