Buy in the Berkshires Week is in Full-swing!

Launched by the Berkshire Chamber of Commerce, Buy in the Berkshires Week began on Dec. 4 and there’s still time to enjoy the many discounts and specials available.

Discounts are being offered by more than 40 businesses to shoppers who choose to buy locally during Buy in the Berkshires Week – a full list is available here. At WP, we’re offering a one-month, full-access free trial of our Main Street MAIL email marketing system. If you read Berkshire Daily or the Berkshire Chamber’s eNewsLine, you’ve already gotten a taste of what MSM can do; the trial includes training, tech support, and strategic advice personalized for your organization, so you can see if MSM is a good fit. Visit to sign up, and if you do, feel free to let your Tweeps and Facebook friends know. There’s a link you can copy and past below, to save time, or use your own words ;).

I just signed up to try out MainStreetMail email marketing for one month free as part of Buy in the #Berkshires!