Seen Around Town: The Art of Andrew DeVries

In the last few weeks or so, there have been sculptures popping up all around the center of our homebase in Lenox, Mass.

Lenox often tries to showcase art in the parks and on the lawns of local businesses each summer, and this year’s feature – sculptures created by sculptor Andrew DeVries – are part of the 10th annual Lenox Art Walk. DeVries has 25 bronze sculptures placed along the art walk route and each piece centers on the human form.

Many of them are of dancers caught in some of the most graceful of poses, such as ‘Pleiades:’

I enjoyed photographing these sculptures and you can see all of them here. If you want to see these in person, they will be on display in Lenox until November, 2010.

Gene Hyatt is the senior programmer for Winstanley Partners and the Foursquare Mayor of the Olde Heritage Tavern.