From the copywriter’s messy desk

Yes, I had to work late. Yes, I got up two hours early. But there is
something so addictive about praise and actually enjoying writing sometimes.
Rarely, unfortunately, in this business of bottom line movement. But having
a client so ready to accept the idea of letting me go and make some copy
beautiful. Getting into a new product from scratch and digging out the
mechanics, ferreting the truth behind the actual drive to own something.
Studying something new. Delving into it’s foreign world and grabbing the
mind of some targeted demographic unfamiliar (or simply not reached in a few
years)…I forget sometimes in this world of common emergency ads and faulty
strategies or information-shy demands, that this is truly something I enjoy
doing when it’s done correctly. All it takes is a smarter than average
client on the other end to just trust and let go a little bit. To actually
provide me with information and direction instead of the execution we’re
expert at forging. Of course, having a product that you believe in, can feel
strongly about backing is a bonus as well. What a gift it is to have a truly
appealing object from design onward. Pride I guess. Sometimes a company
makes something because it purely supports an image of quality and
craftsmanship. I suppose it’s like working in a cabinet installation shop
and getting to carve a unique, custom installation for a change. But back to
the standard cabinets I go. Which is fine too. But there’s a warm spot in me
today for this client. Sell well my friends. I’ve done my part, today. Heck,
now I want one. That’s copy.

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